Marketing with us

Who we are

PREMIUM MEDIA is a media group with innovative ideas in both concept and content, not only in Albania but also in the region.

PREMIUM CHANNEL and Radio Travel 104.6 are the only TV and radio mix mainly dedicated to travel and tourism, which gives our sponsors and advertisers a pure reach to a dedicated group of viewers with medium to strong purchasing power.

Where you can find us

PREMIUM CHANNEL is free to air on DVBT2, ABCom, Digitalb, Tring, Tibo, Ipko and Kujtesa in Kosovo and IPTV all over the world.

RADIO TRAVEL broadcasts on the frequency 104.6 MHz in Tirana and Durres, 87.7 MHz in Lushnje, Fier, Berat, Tepelena, 91.3 in Vlora, 98.6 in Dhërmi, Himara and 90.6 in Saranda, extending its activity in the whole space from Ulcinj to Corfu, thus being the second private radio with the largest coverage in Albania.

Diverse TV & Radio shows

Diversified programs covering, fashion, arts, music, culture, events, lifestyle, travel & tourism.

What we do before you decide to advertise with us

Getting to know your audience is the number one key in sales. We use audience measurements and Ads monitoring quantitative reports to know what the audience is keener on and your competitors are doing. Their favorite shows time spent in front of TV, monthly trend, new Ads, new entries etc.

Therefore, we can provide information about the right program for your brand, the right time of exposure and how to advertise or sponsor, hence reach your target audience!

We offer a mix of media & regional exposure that no other media can

What you get with us expands beyond Media. A diversified portfolio of businesses in and outside Albania with Travel & Tourism as the backbone will guarantee more reach and exposure to your brand.

Premium Media Group is a sister company of VAS Tour, Albtours D, the 5 stars Premium Group Hotels which include Premium beach hotel, Luxury Premium Finese & Premium Sunrise in addition to other businesses in multiple sectors.

Including your brand on our sister companies’ websites or events will add to your brand a 360 degrees marketing and sponsorship perspectives that no one else in the market can claim to offer!

Write us on and we will make sure that a Media executive will follow up with your request.

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